God knows what this successful SCR888 Malaysia obsessed SEO lady is after

Rose Carnegie started her professional career as a camera-shy TV news reporter who was both excited and nervous each time she investigated something and was about to be featured on the TV.

Rose loves to learn new languages and after learning and being able to speak Malay, Chinese and Japanese fluently, she has been trying to learn Arabic but finding it extremely difficult in comparison with the languages she learnt in the past.

Rosa stopped her career as a TV news reporter after finding that she could make even more money with providing SEO and web designing services which she was equally interested in and already had a couple of friends involved in the same. Rosa loves to blog about her SEO career and her obsession with Malay gambling websites, especially scr888 malaysia.

Rosa says that getting picked up by the Google News is an impossible task for a freelance journalist nowadays and she knows several small news companies including India’s Lallantop that have been running on losses due to this policy of the search engines.

Rosa says that an individual, small or large business should try its best to avoid buying Google Adwords funds as the Google Adwords are remarkable in baiting you into buying their services.

Rosa is also an affiliate marketer and she says that affiliate marketing is only good for providing you with passive income. Rosa makes over 150 USD per day with affiliate marketing and she still doesn’t consider the same to be good enough for herself.

Rosa rose from being a freelancer to one of the topmost SEO company owner in her city that has a team of programmers, designers and technologists but she still doesn’t consider the same to be success enough for herself. She has really been a huge success since her very debut in the SEO world but god knows what she really wants.

Gold Digger believes that betting on Klasemen Liga 1 is for the distinguished gentlemen

Jenna Shadow recently broke up with her boyfriend who told him that he is a factory owner, turned out that his factory manufactures litter and plastic dustbins which Jenna couldn’t take. It is quite obvious that Jenna was dating this guy for the money and believing that a litter dustbin manufacturer couldn’t be making enough for herself, she broke up with him.

Jenna loves the game of golf and she says it is most fun during the rainy days.

Jenna is an automobile freak and she says that she would love to buy Scotty Kilmer’s Toyota Celica but he is not willing to sell it. Jenna is extremely critical of the Hyundai and she claims that the Hyundai’s upcoming luxury SUV – Palisade is going to be the biggest joke of the century.

Jenna finds awkward looking cars to be stunning beauties and this is very much evident from the fact that she owns 3 Ford Ecosports and 4 Nissan Jukes. Jenna loves the design of these 2 cars of her so much that she cannot even figure out why the others find these to be awkward looking.

Jenna has currently been eyeing this wealthy personal injury law firm owner that can be seen driving his Aston Martin Cygnet on the weekdays and an Alfa Romeo Giulietta on the weekends. Jenna says that she has been making all the moves to seduce this guy including eating at the same bistro at the same that he does. Jenna hopes that he will propose her soon enough.

Just last week, Jenna discovered that the guy loves Klasemen Liga 1 and Jenna has already started betting on the same. Jenna believes that distinguished people have distinguished habits and betting on Klasemen Liga 1 is definitely one of those habits.

Mr Angchuan wants to buy a Tesla Model X with that LSM money

Kata Angchuan is an Astronautics scholar but her passion is Bacteriology. She claims that she has read each and every book available on the subject of Bacteriology.

Kata is an atheist herself but she celebrates the festivals of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews to promote religious harmony. Kata loves Holi, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.

Kata’s husband – Jackie is a car enthusiast but Kata doesn’t give a hoot about the cars. You can learn about how much Kata doesn’t care about the cars by learning that she didn’t even know what is an Aston Martin until she heard her most favorite rapper ever – Rick Ross’s song ‘Aston Martin Music’. Along with learning about Aston Martin car, Kata also learnt that there is a handsome Half-Jewish Half-Black rapper that goes by the name ‘Dizzy Drake’.

Kata’s husband – Jackie says that studying Biochemistry helped him a lot in his personal life.

Jackie has been trying to build a new type of airbag that will be quicker and safer than the SRS airbags and will cost a lost less on the manufacturer’s part.

Jackie advises to his friends and family to never argue with a Fiat fanboy, they are so dumb.

Jackie is not a Tesla fanboy but he appreciates the Tesla company and Elon Musk a lot for what they have achieved in such a short span of time. Jackie says that the Tesla is responsible for making the electric cars one of the mainstream category of cars. Jackie says that he remembers the time when electric cars used to be tiny and awkward looking cars driven mostly by the environment friendly people. Looking at the number of Tesla haters, Jackie says that no matter how much you hate Tesla, its founder and its chiefs, what the brand has achieved cannot be undermined.

Jackie’s next short-term goal is to buy himself a Tesla Model X with the money he wins with betting on LSM.

Wealthy businesswoman and ex-model has been paying some of her bills with the money she wins with Poker99 for quite a long while

Christa Miller’s factory manufactures Industrial Cone Screw Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Nauta Mixers, Plough Shear Mixers, Sigma Mixers, High Speed Mixers, Jacketed Mixers and High Speed Dispensers. The extraordinary wealth could never spoil Christa and she didn’t hesitate to marry a man who is an owner of an ordinary local electronic store owner.

Christa’s husband – Robin went to Tunisia once with his friends and he fell in love with the Tunisian dates so much that he didn’t hesitate to borrow some money from Christa and start a Tunisian dates import and wholesale business. The business has been doing great ever since and just like Robin fell in love with the Tunisian dates, several men and women of his country are falling in love with the Tunisian dates everyday.

Christa modeled for quite a while and her most popular job was that of a back-dancer behind Sabrina Salerno in her song – ‘Erase and Rewind’. Christa didn’t hesitate to dance behind Sabrina Salerno and she doesn’t even hate or hesitate to admit the fact that her most popular work was that of a back-dancer.

Christa recently created a social media website using the help of her engineer nephew. This engineer nephew of Christa claims that oil refineries across the world and Saudi oil tycoons have been funding the engineers to find more fuel efficient engines because they fear that the oil will become a useless commodity soon enough. He says that if they are able to create a 1500 cc engine that gives the fuel efficiency of 200 miles per gallon, the electronic cars are going to have a tough time and perhaps the electronic cars’s factory will all shut down.

Christa has been obsessed with poker99 for quite a long time and the only thing that is keeping her addicted to the same is her winning ratio. She ends up winning most of the bets and the money is enough to pay for her car and travel bills which is thousands of dollars a month.

Do you believe in life after online casinos? A hypnotherapist’s best friend finds it unethical no matter how rich it made her hypnotherapist friend

Amelot Antonyuk loves her Volga GAZ 24 as much as she loves betting online and reading the latest posts on her most favorite Casinoforum.

Amelot is a web designer turned music composer who believes the theory that the dinosaurs didn’t all die but they left the planet earth for another one. Amelot also believes that the dinosaurs were far more technically superior than the human beings have ever been. Amelot also believes that the living creatures on other planets are far more advanced, live longer and intelligent than the homo sapiens sapiens. Amelot also believes that some of the aliens on planets yet undiscovered are immortal and they are far more powerful and miraculous than the Hindu or Greek gods. Amelot also doubts that Yahweh was an alien in disguise who wanted to destroy the human beings by giving wrong beliefs to the humans. Amelot says that Yahweh not being a god is quite evident with the fact that he didn’t tell Abraham anything about the negative consequences of the incest.

One of Amelot’s best friends converted to Islam and Amelot asked her if your god is the true go, why didn’t he told you that cousin marriages are bad? From that day on, Amelot’s best friend started thinking about this a lot and it only took her 3 months to return back to agnosticism.

Amelot is a qualified hypnotherapist and she spends more time driving, betting and reading gambling related posts on different forums and blogs combined than she does on her practice. Amelot also started a sign board advertising business recently with the money she won betting on different online casinos. Amelot recommends that one must always check the reliability and trustworthiness of an online casino or lottery before betting. Amelot has provided her best friend with the list of the most reliable and trustworthy casinos many times but she feels that gambling, lotteries and casinos are unethical even though she is an atheist now.